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Anyone can mint Youtube videos, MV videos, Tiktok Videos, Arts, Music, Photography, Social Content without any gas fees. So mint your talent here.

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NFTD is a smart NFT supermarket system for digitals products. In this smart shopping system, the sellers and each product they sell are identified as unique tokenID. Once the transaction is completed, the buyer's ownership will be confirmed immediately.

Sell your Tiktok Content

Sell Your Most Iconic Video clip, Music, Arts at TikTok Only with Uquid without any gas fees.

Your live stream
will be your digital assests

Convert your live stream content into your own digital ownership to stay in future.

Anyone can mint


NFTD supports all products under copyright laws


Sell your unique content on easy NFT Marketplace


Easy mint & list your stream content

What's Different ?



A piece of digital art might have coded information about individual pixels, while tokenized in-game items might contain details that allow the game client to understand which item the player owns and its attributes.



This means each token can be verifiably authentic, and not a counterfeit – obviously a very important thing for owners and prospective buyers!



For non-fungible tokens to be attractive for buyers, they should be provably scarce. This will ensure that assets remain desirable in the long run, and that supply does not outstrip demand.



Buy and sell goods, digital products, Avatar wearables, and names in the uquid Marketplace: stocking the very best digital goods and paraphernalia backed by the Binance Smart Chain.



NFTs mostly cannot be transacted as fractions of a whole. Just like how one cannot purchase half of a concert ticket or trading card, non-fungible tokens cannot be split into smaller denominations.



Like all traditional digital assets and tokens built on smart contract blockchains, NFTs are fully programmable. Even more, functionality is possible.


NFTD combines the best traits of decentralized blockchain technology with non-fungible assets.


Upload the asset you want to transform into an NFT in image/video/audio formats.


Once the transaction has been confirmed, you will now be able to see you're minted NFT on your profile.


Your asset will automatically be sent to IPFS, a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed for sharing data in a distributed way.

on Sell

This is the last step of listing. your content will be ready to sell.


User Friendly

NFTs are always about uniqueness along with ease of it's creator. NFTD does that perfectly by helping users to explore their art work with only simple steps for listing and minting your most iconic piece of art.

You don't need to be an expert for selling and owning NFTs with us. Your ease of mind and larger connection with your fanbase is our priority.

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NFTD Protocol

Non-fungible tokens are an evolution over the relatively simple concept of cryptocurrencies.

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Token Info

The important benefits of the binance smart chain that bring NFTD tokens include low transaction fees, high performance

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We promote artists who had good at their digital content. We Help to sell them and make their profile social promotion.

Why is the NFTD necessary?

Currently buying on online shopping systems. the seller only ships the product directly to the buyer but does not give clear proof of ownership of the product. Sometimes this reduces the value of the goods if the buyer later wants to sell them to someone else.